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To put it simply, we simplify the process of IT procurement. Working as a trusted and resourceful software broker, we connect those in public sector areas in need of technological systems with those industry leaders who can provide industry-compliant, secure and customized tech solutions.

Utilizing the experience and knowledge we’ve gained throughout the last 25 years, we eliminate the confusion, reduce the delays, and eliminate the frustrations inherent in the government bidding process.

Acting as your partner and IT broker throughout the application process, we connect you with the leading IT solutions ranging from cloud storage to data management to GSA schedules and more. Our experience and track record allow us to help organizations on each side of the aisle to form relationships that work for both parties.

With security and compliance as priorities, we specialize in brokering software contracts for:

  • ● Federal agencies
  • ● Healthcare facilities
  • ● Higher education
  • ● State and local government
  • ● Utility companies

Who We Are

A small business founded by industry expert Greg Christensen, Cloudspark provides our clients industry-leading integration techniques that ensure government contract compliance. Built on a trio of core principles, including honesty, integrity and exemplary service above all else, we’ve committed ourselves to becoming the nation’s top resource for IT solutions. With more than a quarter-century of industry-specific experience, we are poised to be your preferred technology broker. As a value-added reseller and integrator, we help our end customers enjoy unfettered access to the world’s top IT companies and business software.

Our team is comprised of only those professionals whose values reflect the characteristics we find so important to our goal of unsurpassed service. Driven by a mission to ensure your organization’s success, compliance, and integrity, we combine proven organizational methodologies with creative innovation to guide your organization through the complex software and IT procurement process.

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